Roof Trusses
Timber Truss Solutions roof trusses are designed and fabricated to the highest standard.  We use the latest technology to both design and manufacture our trusses, and with strict quality control measures in place you will be rewarded with a trouble free project.
Our Roof Trusses are designed and detailed on the worlds most advanced truss design software package.  All designs are carried out by senior and experienced designers, you can rest assured that your roof will be accurate in all aspects.
Our new and modern manufacturing facility also employs the latest in computerised component cutting, assisting to minimise human error.  So, when considering the supplier of your Roof Trusses bear in mind some of a these advantages when using Timber Truss Solutions roof trusses:
Roof Design freedom - Unlimited roof shape design can be achieved using our "worlds best" software package.
Very Strong - our trusses can be specifically engineered to accommodate unusually heavy loads. All timber that goes into our trusses is a minimum of MGP10. No F5 of F8 graded timber is used.
Easy to Handle - roof trusses are lighter than other forms of roof construction, so on-site handling and installation is a breeze.
Time and Cost Saving - all made to measure and engineered to your needs, and with faster installation means less time on site for builders.
Delivered to site - all our jobs include delivery to site on a Crane truck, and wherever possible, your trusses will be lifted to the top plate for ease of erection.
Roof Truss Fixing and Bracing Guidelines
For information and instructions on how to install and brace your roof trusses, please click here.  This booklet generously supplied by our business partner Mitek Australia.